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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Stow, OH

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About Wisdom Tooth Removal

A patient's final two molars frequently develop in the later adolescent are referred to as wisdom teeth. Situated in the back corners of each arch, wisdom teethadditionally called the third molars frequently lack enough space to fully emerge, are hard to keep bacteria-free, and might call for extraction to ensure general dental wellness. Third molars might be impacted (stuck within the gums or jaw), poorly aligned, or not able to develop properly, resulting in several oral concerns.D.D.S. Lauren Young performs third molar removals for Stow, OH patients to restore oral wellness and defend against malocclusion and decay. When you or your teen have problematic or ingrown wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment at DentalWorks - Stow to discover your personalized solutions.

Are You a Candidate? for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Usually, wisdom teeth removals occur for those who are in high school or college. Not all wisdom teeth will automatically need removal, though leaving painful wisdom teeth inside of the mouth could lead to unnecessary potential oral problems in the future. could offer wisdom teeth extraction for those who experience:

  • Fully or semi-impacted?third molars within the gum tissues or jaw
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Periodontal bleeding or swelling, cheek swelling, or TMJ discomfort
  • The formation of a lump in the neck
  • Inadequate surface area to allow complete tooth emergence
  • Damage to the wisdom teeth or patients who have difficulty the wisdom teeth hygienic

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

DentalWorks - Stow conducts third molar extractions the patient under regional anesthesia; however, this treatment could also be combined with oral-conscious or IV sedation to improve comfort. Most cases of wisdom teeth removal necessitate an excision technique, particularly if the teeth are ingrown, have abnormally shaped roots, or are firmly attached to the jaw. After creates an opening in the gum tissues to access the molar, She will often split it into smaller segments, which allows for a quicker removal. Depending on your personal situation, each of your wisdom teeth may be addressed in a single appointment. Stitches could be used to safeguard the removal areas and aid in the healing period. Our incredibly talented staff will offer you post-operative guidelines to adhere to over the next few days.

Recovery Following Oral Surgery

Those who need further types of sedation to relax them throughout their session will have to bring a reliable friend to transport them home safely. For the first several days, it's important to steer clear of spitting, sipping with a straw, consuming hot or cold foods and liquids, and to totally cease using tobacco and vaping. These actions will generally pull out the scabbing in your removal area and result in an issue called "dry socket." It is not out of the ordinary to notice jaw swelling and discomfort after third molar extractions, which can be alleviated with prescription or drugstore pain relievers and cold compresses applied to the jaw area. Our dental professionals will provide you with tips to allow you to care for your mouth at home and arrange a check-in visit to assess your extraction sites as they recover.

Other Extraction Types

In some situations, kinds of teeth other than the third molars have to be extracted to preserve dental health. Such cases often include significant cavities, cracked teeth, worsening bone loss, or teeth that just cannot be repaired. Children might require extractions to remove unyielding baby teeth or to facilitate orthodontic services. Even though consistently strives to preserve natural teeth, the best option for a few dental issues could be a removal.

Are Extractions Covered by Insurance?

Specialized surgeries, including tooth extractions, could be partially paid for by some dental insurance programs. Still, sedation dentistry techniques might not be covered. Our billing coordinator will assess your insurance plan and tell you about any outstanding personal costs before your appointment. DentalWorks - Stow takes many types of dental financing and a vast selection of payment solutions.

FAQ About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

#1: What happens if you don’t remove wisdom teeth?

If they do not grow in properly or have enough room in the mouth, wisdom teeth can cause dental problems including damage to surrounding teeth and jaw, development of cysts, inflamed/infected gums, tooth decay (cavities), alignment issues, or sinus problems.

#2: What are the symptoms that wisdom teeth should be extracted?

Symptoms of wisdom teeth that should be extracted include pain, tenderness, swelling around the gums, discharge if there is an abscess or infection, or if you can see it partially poking through the gums behind the second molar.

#3: At what age do people get wisdom teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens to early twenties. There are some instances where wisdom teeth develop as a pre-teen or older adult.

#4: What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth is considered impacted if there is not enough room in the mouth after the second molar for the wisdom tooth to emerge and develop normally. The tooth is then considered trapped or impacted.

#5: What is the recovery period for wisdom teeth extractions?

It usually takes approximately 7-10 days to recover from wisdom tooth extraction surgery., Some patients may experience shorter or longer recovery times depending on how their body heals.

#6: Will there be swelling after wisdom teeth are removed?

It is normal to experience some swelling, minor pain, and bruising after wisdom tooth extractions. The swelling will improve after a few days. You can use ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers to manage your symptoms.

#7: What can I eat after wisdom teeth extraction?

Immediately following surgery, it is recommended to start with clear liquids, without the use of a straw. If this is tolerated, you may be able to move to a dairy-based diet, such as ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, or pudding. Eventually, you can progress to soft foods such as apple sauce, mashed potatoes, pasta, or scrambled eggs. Avoid spicy foods, food with seeds, hard or chewy foods, acidic foods and drinks.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions Preserve Your Health and Smile

Lauren Young is pleased to perform wisdom tooth removals to ensure the long-term comfort of your family's teeth. This safe oral procedure is frequently done for Stow, OH patients and could be needed in the situation that normal dental eruption is not likely to happen or further issues are present. To hear additional information about wisdom tooth removal, reach out to us for an exam at DentalWorks - Stow at your earliest convenience.

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